Agricultural Intelligence From Drone Images

Map your farm with drones and AI to find issues before they escalate into costly problems

Avoid financial losses caused by plant disease and pests

AI-driven software analyzes drone images to predict and prevent plant stress

Self-flying Drones
AI-based Detection
Map to Locate Issues
Use app in the field

Accurate plant count, field analytics, and early diagnosis

Critical information highlighted in large maps. Multispectral imaging to spot unhealthy plants early

See Entire Farm
Forecast Yield
Spot Issues Early
Actionable Reports

Learn more about Neuronpoint

To request a demo or share details about your unique use case, please contact us at [email protected] Drone imaging with AI can now revolutionize your business since Neuronpoint helps take care of regulations, choice of equipment, flight parameters, camera calibration, image processing, and AI software.

Neuronpoint specializes in using deep learning methods to do the same image recognition tasks that humans can do. We can advise you for free on your first flight or process any image data you already have. We look forward to hearing from you!